What can I do you for?

I’ve been marketing for 10+ years. You’ want to build something that’ll live for decades and longer. Let’s see what we can build.

Website Optimization

Showing up on the first page of Google. That’s the goal, right? Don’t forget the UX to convert those visits into leads and purchases.

Online + Offline Ads

Google Ads. Facebook Ads. Print Ads. Retargeting Ads. Email Ads. If you’re spending money on ads, I can help you optimize ROI.

Managed Marketing

It all starts with strategy. But everyone has some strategy — the hard part is translating your ideas into execution and that’s where I help.

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At the end of the day I’m just trying to connect with good folks and have some fun. And this is my attempt to do those things with you.

So, if you like or loathe what you’re seeing, feel free to holler at me via email or some other social network. Until then, c’est la vie, friend.