Keyboard Shortcuts & Other Productivity Tips

Using the “Ctrl” key is quite simple and it makes using your internet browser and all kinds of other things much easier. You must realize by now you can’t avoid computers forever so you might as well master some easy tricks for working smarter (and we’ll do smartphone productivity tips later).

Life is too short. Use my keyboard shortcuts guide and do things more easily. You owe it to yourself.

Check Out My Shortcuts Guide

If you are a Mac user then substitute “Cmd” for “Ctrl” in the keyboard shortcut tips below. The premium price for Mac devices doesn’t just stop at the price tag but eh for many that premium is worth it so good on you.

Note: I’ll add some smartphone shortcuts and tips too in my own time (and in addition to the “setting timers on apps” suggestion from the shortcuts guide above). If you have tips for better smartphone usage then holler at me here or on social or wherever.

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